In Anusha’s words… “Cam is just the best, I don’t know how I got so lucky. Cam always makes me laugh and every day is an adventure with him. He never takes anything too seriously, and as much as it’ll drive me nuts, my favorite thing about Cam is how cool & calm he stays through any situation. The sky could be falling and Cam would still be smiling!”


In Cameron’s words… “Anusha is the ying to my yang and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s always late - I’m always on time. She’s incredibly organized - I’m working on that. She’s a planner, I’m always going with the flow. She likes country - I like hip hop. I found my other half, and someone who’ll remember my appointments!”

How We Met

Cam & Anusha met in 2012 at Penn State, the love story should’ve ended then when Anusha turned down Cam’s invite to his fraternity formal. Thankfully it didn’t, because in 2019, Anusha took up Cam’s totally, out of the blue offer to visit him in Lake Tahoe. Cam says he knew Anusha was the one on her last day, watching the Wimbledon final together like they’ve been old friends. Anusha says she knew Cam was the one the same day, but when she spilled Chipotle salsa all over Cam’s carpet and him just laughing it off.

Happily Ever After

At last, after 5 years of long-distance, Rhode Island is where we’ll call home and start the next chapter of our lives together. Renovations for a bigger closet at the Cam-dominium are underway. We think Cam’s cat, Icy, has finally accepted Anusha’s dog, Jax, as his brother too! Marriage has a nice ring to it, we are so grateful to share our special day with friends and family. xoxo, Anusha & Cam